Do-It-Yourself encapsulation projects can be a bad idea, especially for homeowners with no training or experience with the nuances of crawl space encapsulation. The best solution is to choose a reputable crawl space encapsulation contractor to guarantee the job is done correctly.

A professional brings valuable knowledge and experience to the table. Because they possess all the necessary tools and skills, these professionals can also complete the project quickly and efficiently. And since the service provides a top-notch installation, you won’t need to worry about repairing or replacing the encapsulation sooner than necessary.

Depending on the current state of your crawl space, you may need to hire a professional to prepare the area first.

Address Insufficient Drainage

Can you see standing water beneath your home? If your home has a poorly maintained drainage system or no proper grading around the foundation, water may be seeping into your crawl space. You will need to address this problem before encapsulating the crawl space.

Mitigate Mold Growth

Any damp crawl space most likely holds mold growth. Therefore, it would be best to inspect the floor joists and the HVAC equipment for any signs of mold growth before your encapsulation project.

Check for Back-Drafts from your Appliances

Conduct a safety inspection to ensure that any combustion appliances are not leaking or emitting carbon monoxide that could back-draft into the living space. Encapsulating a home’s crawlspace without addressing this vital issue might prove hazardous to you and your loved ones.

Seal Your Crawl Space Completely

As soon as your crawl space is prepared, it is time to start the encapsulation project. The contractor will seal the crawl space from any damp earth and outside air to the greatest extent possible.