Can you believe it’s almost fall? When you think of fall, you may think of chilly mornings, warm apple cider, or your favorite cable-knit sweater. However, when we think of fall, we imagine all the havoc the cold and rain can wreak on your crawl space. Crawl space encapsulation has benefits every time of year, but in the fall and winter months, it can keep mold, pests, and high energy bills at bay.

Prevent Mold

Fall puts a nice crisp feeling in the air, but it also means rain and a lot of it. Standing water in a crawl space that has not been encapsulated can generate mold and fungus. If left unchecked, mold spores from the crawl space can seep into the air in your main living area—causing allergies and other unwanted symptoms.

Prevent Pests and Small Animals

Your crawl space is the perfect warm place for pests and small animals to rest on chilly fall nights. Pests and furry critters may carry disease and even find their way into the ductwork under the home. A secure crawl space door can ensure your fall season is filled with pumpkin spice lattes and leaf-watching, not calls to the nearest exterminator.

Energy Efficiency

Crawl space encapsulation can make your home more energy efficient—meaning it will be easier and more cost-effective to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Of course, no one wants to come home on a cold night to an even colder house—do yourself a favor and make sure your warm air isn’t slipping through those pesky foundation vents.

Crawl space encapsulation has many benefits, especially in the fall and winter. It may not be cold yet, but now is the time to encapsulate your crawl space to prevent mold, pests, and high energy bills this season.