Do you have a cracking concrete driveway or foundation slab? Cracked concrete can be scary, and if you are having issues with an unstable foundation, it is crucial to resolve the problem quickly. Our concrete services can help ensure you have a clean, dry home this summer! Below are details on the concrete services we provide in North Georgia, South Carolina, and western North Carolina.

Driveways and Patios

How your driveway or patio looks directly relates to your home’s curb appeal. Not only is a cracked driveway or patio not aesthetically pleasing—it may mean the foundation under your house or garage is also experiencing issues. Crawlspaces and More repairs cracked and failing concrete driveways and patios for customers in Atlanta, South Carolina, and western North Carolina.


If your foundation is faulty or cracked, it can mean bad news for your home’s structural integrity. Some signs and symptoms of a cracked foundation may be uneven doorways, protruding floors, and structural problems. Our concrete services resolve and prevent these issues so you and your family can enjoy a safe, stable home.

Crawl Spaces and Basements

Cracked concrete in crawl spaces and basements may often be overlooked, but it can pose serious issues if left unchecked. Cracked concrete in the basement or crawl space can lead to moisture intrusion, leaving issues like mold and musty odors in its wake. Adequately sealed concrete in crawl spaces and basements will help ensure you have a clean, dry home!

Located in Atalanta and serving the greater Atlanta area and areas in North and South Carolina — our concrete services provide your basement, crawl space, and home foundation with a solid, clean, and impermeable block against unwanted moisture and musty vapors leaking into your living space. Professional concrete services can also prevent damage from extreme weather conditions and pests. Designed and installed professionally, our advanced formula concrete provides a cleaner crawl space environment, protection against frozen water pipes, and better energy efficiency. A drier crawl space or basement is a healthier space to live in or live above. For questions about our concrete services or to book a consultation, please get in touch with us at 800-701-9828 or fill out our contact form here.