Curious about the air quality in your home? It’s a common concern amongst homeowners and we get calls about improving air quality all the time. Many homes that have not had their crawl spaces encapsulated or inspected tend to have a lower air quality in the rest of the home than homes that have been properly maintained and the crawl space properly encapsulated. Why do these services affect the air quality in the rest of the home when your crawl space is under the main floors? It’s called “stack effect.” Stack effect refers to the movement of air from lower floors to the upper floors and the attic of a home. When your crawl space accumulates extra water and moisture, the stack effect draws the high humidity level into the rest of your home. High humidity environments can often times contain high levels of mold spores which can potentially cause harm to your family and pets. In addition to health concerns, these high humidity levels in your home caused by an improperly maintained crawl space can make your HVAC unit work much harder to try to keep your home cool, resulting in increased energy bills.

Here is a list of best practices in keeping your crawl space properly maintained to keep your home and family safe, healthy and working optimally:

•    Fix Crawl Space Moisture Levels
•    Seal Your Crawl Space Against Leaks
•    Seal Your Crawl Space From Outside Air
•    Have Your Crawl Space Inspected Periodically
•    Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

At Crawlspaces and More we work with our clients to make sure all of these needs are met and that their crawl space or basement is waterproof, mold free and a healthy environment for their family but also the integrity of the home. We service crawl spaces all over the Greater Atlanta area as well as parts of North and South Carolina. If you are curious about the air quality in your home and would like your crawl space inspected and an estimate on what your home may need, we can help. Call Crawlspaces and More at (800) 701-9828.