Our custom and proprietary Jimbo Jacks are a floor jack for homes created by Crawlspaces and More owner Jim Briley. Our Jimbo Jacks aid many of our customer projects such as sagging floors, offset houses, and reinforcing concrete improvements. Jimbo Jacks are not only a superior product that helps promote structural integrity, they cost a fraction of the price of many other brands.


Floor jacks are used to support the weight of your home when your foundation fails to do so. For example, if you have cracks in your foundation or your home is sinking or sagging in a particular area, floor jacks can be used to support the weight of your house while repairs are being made. These floor jacks are also a vital tool to ensure the safety of technicians when making those repairs.


While floor jacks can be used temporarily during repair, some can be used as a permanent solution for foundation issues. In many cases, support jacks would not be the only item supporting your home but rather a secondary support. Additionally, our Jimbo Jacks are adjustable which means they can adapt to your ever changing structure and maintain it’s integrity and safety.


Jimbo Jacks are a cost-effective solution to your home or business’s structural or support issues. Because we are a small business in North Georgia and Atlanta, we are able to price our jacks more reasonably than some big box stores. You can rest assured that your home is supported by a premium product designed specifically for this purpose. Please inquire about pricing for Jimbo Jacks or our foundation and crawl space encapsulation services here.


To watch a short video on the functions of Jimbo Jacks, click here.