It’s that time of year where it continues to get hotter and hotter outside. When the moisture from summer thunderstorms gets into your crawlspaces and into your home, your chances for mold drastically increase! It can get in your home through windows, vents and any damp areas under your home. Mold can also trigger asthma and cause other serious health problems.

Here are a few tips to help prevent mildew and mold in your home and crawlspaces.

  • Use your air conditioner on hot days. Mold grows best at temperatures above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep the indoor temperature lower than that if you can.
  • Watch for any condensation or moisture in your air ducts. Sometimes using the air conditioner can cause condensation and that moisture provides a place for mold to grow.
  • Make sure your clothes dryer is vented to the outdoors, not into your attic or crawlspace.
  • If it’s a rainy summer, watch for signs of a leak in your roof. A discolored spot on the ceiling generally means a leak, even if you don’t see water coming through the ceiling. Have any leaks repaired as soon as possible to keep mold from developing.

A properly encapsulated crawl space can prevent mold, mildew, allergens, bacteria, and pests from entering your home and causing harm to those inside!

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