There is no denying it, the calendar says it’s fall! Though most of us southerners know it’s probably “pretend” fall and there’s still a heat wave coming for us before “real” fall hits — it’s a smart time to start preparing for the cooler temps and rainy weather. Though most enjoy the break in the heat that fall brings, the cooler temperatures and rainy weather can wreak havoc on your home, especially your crawl space, basement or other foundations.


Let’s tackle that moisture first. Moisture that is brought in from all the fall rainy days not only can flood and cause damage to your foundation, basement or crawl space, but it can also encourage mold growth. If you have not experienced the inconvenience of eliminating mold growth, count yourself among the lucky. Mold growing in your crawl space or basement can be extremely harmful to your home, as well as your family’s health. Mold is also extremely hard to eradicate completely and many DIY home methods just don’t cut it. At Crawlspaces And More our professionals are intricately trained to eradicate mold completely from your crawl space or basement and put in measures to protect it in the future.


One of the best ways to protect your home from mold? Crawl space encapsulation. Encapsulating your crawl space will help to prevent mold growth from extra moisture in your crawl space. Not only does encapsulating your crawl space help with prevention of mold, but also water damage to your foundation. It can also help reduce your utility bills, improve the air quality of your home and keep pests from spending the winter snuggled up under your house. Crawl spaces are pests’ favorite place to find refuge from the cool, damp weather fall and winter bring in.


If you’re planning for the fall and winter and want to discuss how we can help protect your home from mold, water damage and pests — give us a call. Our company is local, family & veteran owned, and we love serving our neighbors in the greater Atlanta area!