Working In A Safe Crawl Space

Important Things You Should Know:

Your safety is our top concern. That is why we offer the best safe crawl space solutions for your home. Before we begin treatment, we will install negative pressure exhaust fans. This constantly sucks air from the crawl space to the exterior so that airborne spores are ejected. You will need to make sure the HVAC system, regardless of location, is off for all zones for 8 hours. This helps us prevent contamination while working.

While our product degrades safely and quickly once dry, because we use strong concentrations, you will notice a strong smell while we are working. We advise that all people, including pets, be out of the home for 8 hours once we begin. We try to make treatments early morning work. Fans are left in place for 24 hours to ensure all surfaces are dry. You should not walk near the fans while in operation. You will be able to hear them, and placement is near access doors and foundation vents.

Treated surfaces will have a similar smell to bleach, which lasts for up to 1 week. Some homeowners report this smell in the living area of their home. The first 24 hours typically have the strongest smell, especially in older homes. This is normal and a result of the application of the Sodium Hypochlorite. Most people relate the smell to walking into a grocery store just after the floor is mopped or being near a swimming pool. If this bothers you, opening windows 8 hours after treatment to clear the air is advised. You can use the heating and air system normally 8 hours after we clean. This typically evacuates any smell very quickly if windows are left open while running. If you have any questions or concerns about our safe crawl space solutions, feel free to contact us. If you have respiratory problems, are elderly, or have young children, ask a doctor if you should arrange to leave the home for a period of time longer than the recommended 8 hours.

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