Thinking about doing home improvements this spring and summer? Instead of refurbishing your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider waterproofing your crawl space and/or basement. Changing out a backsplash or cabinets may make your home look nicer, but waterproofing your crawlspace or basement has the potential to prevent mold, pests, and structural damage while also adding value to your home. 

Basements and crawl spaces can be a hot spot for mold—especially in rainy North Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina spring and summer. Your basement/crawl space creates the perfect dark and damp conditions for mold to grow, and in confined spaces, mold can be detrimental to your health. Those with preexisting allergies or asthma should be especially careful when it comes to mold, as it can be an irritant to the respiratory system. 

In addition, wet crawl spaces or basements can be a water source for harmful and irritating pests and insects. Whether you’re using your basement for storage or finished living space, the water and pests that come along with an un-waterproofed space can be harmful to you and your things. 

Waterproofing your basement or crawl space can also prevent structural damage and protect your basement floor in the event of a flood. Other benefits of waterproofing are greater energy efficiency, better air quality, and reduced humidity. If you’re looking into selling your home, you could get an approximate 30% return on investment for waterproofing your basement. 

Now that you’re well aware of the benefits of waterproofing your basement or crawl space, you should also understand that this is a job for trained professionals. Waterproofing your basement or crawl space, if done incorrectly, can cause further damage. If you’re interested in waterproofing your basement or crawl space, you can trust Crawlspaces and More to get the job done right. For waterproofing inquiries or to set up an appointment, please call (800) 701-9828.