Multiple Uses for Crawl Space Doors:

Custom Crawl Space doors are the perfect replacement for old rusting and rotting access doors and vents that invite moisture, pests and bugs into your crawl space. Custom crawl space doors from Crawlspaces and More are made with high quality materials and are custom fitted to fit your crawl space. The material does not rot like wood or metal vents — they’re sturdy and do the job to keep your crawl space and home safe.

Crawl Space Doors do the best job at keeping out pests and unwanted wildlife. Other coverings on your crawl space can be an open invitation to snakes, spiders, mice and an array of other wildlife that would love to live in your cozy crawl space.

Custom crawl space doors give you convenient access to your crawl space. Close your crawl space for the winter easily with the cover and ventilate your crawl space properly.

Crawl Space Doors Protects Yours and Your Family’s Health:

Mold, mildew, fungus and other dangers to your health thrive in dark, damp areas under your house. Proper ventilation is crucial to protecting your family from respiratory ailments. Having a clean, dry crawl space also aids to better air quality and overall health within the house.

Crawl Space Doors Saves Money:

During colder months, simply enclosing the crawlspace with one of our custom crawl space doors will help prevent pipes bursting-which leads to excessive moisture and costly repairs. Naturally, enclosing the crawl space during cold months can also help save money on your heating bill.

Crawlspaces and More is a trusted, veteran-owned business focusing on quality products and customer service in the Atlanta, GA area. If you need your crawl space encapsulated, mold remediation or other services, check out our “SERVICES” page.  We look forward to helping you create and maintain a healthy crawl space for you and your family.