Many homeowners do not realize just how important the health of their crawl space is to the overall health of the home in general. The crawl space affects the quality of life in the home itself; and also, the infrastructure of the home. Because of the crawl spaces importance to the home, as homeowners it’s important to protect the integrity of the crawl space by maintaining proper conditions. The first line of defense you should have is a proper crawl space door.

The crawl space isn’t one of the places in the home where homeowners spend a lot of time, so naturally it would go mostly unnoticed unless there was an issue that had gotten out of control. Crawl space doors aren’t high on the priority list of upgrades to make around the house. However, we are here to help raise awareness as to how important a proper crawl space door is to protect your home and family from damage to your home.

Here are a list of benefits you can expect from having a new crawl space door installed:

  • Keeps Out Pests
  • Protects From Weather
  • Stops Rain From Entering Crawl Space
  • Saves You Money
  • Allows Necessary Access
  • Helps Stabilize Crawl Space Environment

How do you know if your crawl space door is doing what it’s supposed to and protecting your home? Here are some simple signs to help determine the integrity of your crawl space door.

  • It’s Not Fitting Tight in the Door Frame
  • It Doesn’t Lock and Create a Seal
  • If It Is Rotting (common amongst plywood doors)
  • There’s Evidence of Water


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